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The Books of the Wode

“The strong second installment of Hennig’s Wode series (after Greenwode) continues to reinvent the legend of Robin Hood. . . Thick with conflict and intrigue, this retelling turns a well-known legend into a fresh, earthy tale of human passions twisted by politics and ancient powers.”

Publisher’s Weekly

Volume four of the Wode series continues Hennig’s creative and magical retelling of the Robin Hood story… the tapestry Hennig weaves is intricate… the characters are complex, and the world the author creates is equally so; I was reminded of the writing of George R. R. Martin.

Historical Novel Review

“Shirewode is unforgettable. It gives us readers real magic, used sparingly and strategically, vivid supporting characters, strong female characters, and intense sexual tension between Gisbourne, who is a terrific antihero, and Robyn…
“Greenwode is an intensely emotional, breathtaking version of the Robin Hood legend that imagines Robin and his traditional enemy, Guy of Gisbourne (aka Gamelyn) as lovers instead of rivals. The book beautifully showcases the cultural and religious upheaval between peasant versus nobility, oppressed versus oppressors… I highly recommend both books.”

Bella Online

“Epic is such an overused word, but that’s what this series is. J Tullos Hennig’s storytelling is dense with imagery and lush with the obvious love of the legends around which her artistry pays perfect compliment. . . There are some books that become unforgettable, characters who become beloved, books that make a mark and leave an impression behind, and Shirewode is one of those books.”

The Novel Approach

“I was smitten, right from the beginning.”

Charles DeLint

“The Wode books are an enthralling transformation of folklore and legend into something wonderfully original from start to finish!”

Susan R. Matthews

“The sum total left me breathless. I read a phenomenal number of books in a year, most being good but not artistry. Hennig’s books have been among the aesthetic pleasures of my recent intellectual life.”

Christopher Moss

“The prose is poetic, powerful, insightful. Hennig has a masterful command of weaponry and battle-speak, as well of wode magic.”

Historical Novel Review

“An angst-filled, but amazing and splendid Robin Hood reboot… Possibly Hennig’s most important and interesting contribution to the Robin Hood literature is the carefully crafted and beautifully written analysis of the religious context in which this 12th-century story unfolds. Ultimately Rob and Gamelyn’s story is one of class and ethnicity and religious belief. For me, the fact that the core story is about two men struggling to love each other was the reason I bothered to buy the book. But the fact that Hennig has taken that core premise and woven a magical literary tapestry around it is what made it worth reading.”

Ulysses w/ Prism Book Alliance

“A gutsy twist on a major classic that works. Not only that, but because of the realism, I believe it a step forward.”

Gerry Burnie


2013 Rainbow Award Winner in Best LGBT Fantasy/ SF/ Paranormal Novel — Best Debut Novel — Best LGBT Novel

The Books of the Wode voted 2013 Best Series by The Novel Approach

2014 Rainbow Award Winner in LGBTQ Fantasy