Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep up to date on news and releases?

This website! You can also subscribe to Musings (the blog), which I’m going to do my best to update more frequently. The “Connect with JTH” page (link in header menu) has various ways to get hold of me, including the following:

  • EMAIL (I answer all my mail personally)
  • By joining the JTH READER GROUP/MAILING LIST (which gets the news only days after…)
  • By supporting my PATREON (where you can join & receive exclusive announcements, goodies, including serial audio releases of The Wode)
  • The FOREST PATH BOOKS website and newsletter
  • BOOKBUB (which sends a monthly notice about the authors you follow)
  • SOCIAL MEDIA is just not my favourite thing for several reasons, but I do occasionally duck in. Again, better to follow Forest Path Books if you’re a social media person, as they have a better presence there.

When in the throes of writing, I’m likely to ignore things… but I do poke my head out occasionally, I promise!

Why don't you follow genre romance tropes with the Wode?

Because The Books of the Wode are NOT genre romance.

A total mismatch and misbrand by the former publisher (and some ignorance by yours truly) led to the series laboring beneath several miscategorisations.

The Wode isn’t genre romance, nor was it ever intended to fulfil romance tropes. The Wode has always been historical fiction / historical fantasy, since its first incarnation over 30 years ago.

(I have to confess, I don’t get this incessant need to market, box, and label things. I’ve always preferred to come to my own reads without so many explicit demands, be they preconceptions or expectations…. *sigh*)

Is there a love story at its heart? Yes. Several, actually… as well as all types of love… which is what “reading the rainbow” is supposed to be about, right?

What are you currently working on?

Several novels from my alter-ego, Talulah.

And who is this Talulah person, anyway?

When the Wode became shoehorned into genre Romance (and as that verb suggests, it was not a good fit!), I decided that maybe a new pen name would help rebrand any future projects.