For various reasons, I haven’t done any Retro Recs in some time, which is a shame. So I’m reinstating it, here and now, and re-posting the originals to start off. [divider style=”{‹²›ruler_type‹²›:‹²›‹²›,‹²›space‹²›:{‹²›height‹²›:‹²›50‹²›}}” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”7b016ee03e17578f93d8e800e22f8f12″ _array_keys=”{‹²›style‹²›:‹²›style‹²›}” _fw_coder=”aggressive”][/divider]HERE’S the plan: to pull out a book from my tight-packed bookshelves and share it. Qualifications? It has to be one […]