"Thick with conflict and intrigue, this retelling turns a well-known legend into a fresh, earthy tale of human passions twisted by politics and ancient powers."

Publisher's Weekly

"The Wode books are an enthralling transformation of folklore and legend into something wonderfully original from start to finish!"

Susan R. Matthews

"I was smitten, right from the beginning."

Charles De Lint

"The prose is poetic, powerful, insightful. Hennig has a masterful command of weaponry and battle-speak, as well of wode magic."

The Historical Novel Review

J Tullos Hennig

Author of Historical & Speculative Fiction

Active in genre literature and conventions in the 70s/80s/90s, J Tullos Hennig returned to the authorial fold with publication of  some BIG books! The series, a darkly magical, award-winning historical fantasy re-imagining the legends of Robin Hood, gives respectful voice to both pagan and queer viewpoints.

JTH has recently been awarded the Speculative Literature Foundation's Older Writers Grant.