J TulloS HenNig

Immersive. Subversive.

StoRies told With cRaft aNd caRe.


With its truly unique take on the Robin Hood legends, this historical fantasy series sets Robin the outlaw archer as a queer, chaotic-neutral druid, Marion as pagan queen who is sister but not wife, and their consort a Christian–and thusly conflicted–nobleman.

Readers love The Books Of The Wode!

“With The Wode books, Hennig weaves Welsh mythology into the classic tale and reimagines Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne as lovers and Maid Marian as Robin’s sister–and all three entwined by magic and fate. The worldbuilding is intricate, the language is gorgeous… and the characters are achingly flawed. It’s the best Robin Hood retelling I’ve encountered.”
Pages below the Vaulted Sky
"Thick with conflict and intrigue, this retelling turns a well-known legend into a fresh, earthy tale of human passions twisted by politics and ancient powers."
"The prose is poetic, powerful, insightful. Hennig has a masterful command of weaponry and battle-speak, as well of wode magic."
"There’s nothing quite so exciting as an author taking an overused traditional narrative and breathing full and rich life into it the way that Hennig does with her retelling of the Robin Hood/Green Man stories in her Greenwode series. I was smitten, right from the beginning."
"Possibly Hennig’s most important and interesting contribution to the Robin Hood literature is the carefully crafted and beautifully written analysis of the religious context in which this 12th-century story unfolds. Ultimately Rob and Gamelyn’s story is one of class and ethnicity and religious belief. For me, the fact that the core story is about two men struggling to love each other was the reason I bothered to buy the book. But the fact that Hennig has taken that core premise and woven a magical literary tapestry around it is what made it worth reading.”
“Robin Hood has always morphed with time and our need of him, so I thought it long past time for a queer Robin Hood. I also wanted to pay homage to the old ballads, while weaving a tale of warring classes and beliefs. To my surprise—relief, actually—out popped this chaotic-neutral, arsy Trickster: one who defies his god and loves as he loves; one who gives two fingers up to authority, all the while embodying—and defending—the ancient consciousness of his beloved greenwood.”
J Tullos Hennig
Author and History Geek

J Tullos Hennig

likes BIG books. She’s been a pro equestrian, a dancer, an actor, an activist, and a teacher… yet she’s never managed to not be a storyteller. Ever.

Active in genre literature and conventions in the 70s & 80s, she returned to the authorial fold with the publication of an award-winning historical fantasy series, collectively entitled The Books of the Wode. A member of HNS (the Historical Novel Society) the Author’s Guild, & SFWA (the Science Fiction Writers of America), she was awarded the Speculative Literature Foundation’s juried Older Writers Grant in 2018.

As TALULAH J. SULLIVAN, she has begun a series of novels seeking to weave a ‘tale basket’ in the proud example of her Choctaw and Chickasaw grandmothers.

No matter the name, her works reflect literary worlds both old and new, cultures both fantastic and familiar, and promise an immersive, subversive experience.