The King of the Shire Wode.  That is what they will call you…

This darkly magical series based on the legends of Robin Hood brings a unique perspective to a rich legacy of myth, magic and ancient ballads.


Home razed by Church edict, loved ones struck down by treachery, Rob of Loxley is left for dead. Taken by an old druid master into the deeps, Rob survives to emerge as driven leader of a tight-knit band of outcasts, claiming the forest as their own and wielding the Horned Lord’s vengeance with silent, deadly arrows. Unwilling witness to Loxley’s destruction and disowned by his noble family, Gamelyn Boundys takes flight from England. As a sworn knight of the Lionheart’s Crusade, Gamelyn has found new identity and purpose–but no absolution.

When the two boyhood lovers cross paths, it will be in a brutal, blindfolded game of foxes and hounds, one which pits Templar assassin against Heathen outlaw. And when Rob discovers his sister Marion is still alive, the game turns.

History and legend both chronicle Robyn Hood and Guy of Gisbourne as the deadliest of enemies, but the reality is… complicated.


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