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History & legends chronicle Robin Hood & Guy of Gisbourne as the deadliest of enemies. The reality is... complicated.
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The Hooded One--the One to breathe the dark and light and dusk between...

Rob of Loxley and his sister Marion have been raised beneath a solemn duty: to take up their parents' places in the Old Religion as earthly manifestations of the Horned Lord and Lady Huntress. But when Gamelyn Boundys, devout son of a powerful nobleman, is injured in the forest, he, Rob and Marion begin a friendship that challenges duty and ideology. Not only the divide between noble and peasant threatens, but that of Christian and Pagan. Fate would see Gamelyn as Rob's sworn enemy, his rival in a sacrificial battle for the greenwode's Maiden.

Rob dares the Horned Lord to reinterpret the ancient rites, allow Rob to take Gamelyn as lover instead of rival. But in the eyes of Gamelyn's Church, sodomy is unthinkable--and the old pagan magics are an evil that must be vanquished...

Rainbow Award Winner

Best LGBT Fantasy/SF/Paranormal Novel ~~ Best Debut Novel ~~ Best LGBT Novel


Book 2 of the Wode

Home razed by Church edict, loved ones struck down by treachery, Rob of Loxley is left for dead. Taken by an old druid master into the deeps, Rob survives to emerge as driven leader of a tight-knit band of outcasts, claiming the forest as their own and wielding the Horned Lord's vengeance with silent, deadly arrows. Unwilling witness to Loxley's destruction and disowned by his noble family, Gamelyn Boundys takes flight from England. As a sworn knight of the Lionheart's Crusade, Gamelyn has found new identity and purpose--but no absolution.

When the two boyhood lovers cross paths, it will be in a brutal, blindfolded game of foxes and hounds, one which pits Templar assassin against Heathen outlaw. And when Rob discovers his sister Marion is still alive, the game turns.

History and legend both chronicle Robyn Hood and Guy of Gisbourne as the deadliest of enemies, but the reality is... complicated.

Rainbow Award Winner

Best LGBT Fantasy


Beneath winter's chill is awakening the deepest of magics... and the struggle for a crown.

Robyn Hood is the undisputed ruler of the wild, green Wode. Reunited with his sister Marion and his lover Gamelyn in Sherwood Forest, Robyn and his band of outlaws seek to raise the Ceugant—the magical trine of the Old Religion—against the tyranny of Church and Crown. Yet their forest kingdom is roiling with conflict. Marion has been made welcome, but old shackles and new fears hamper her true promise. Gamelyn is torn between oaths of heart and head—and the outlaws never let him forget he was but recently Guy of Gisbourne, defrocked Templar and Robyn's fiercest enemy.

When a lone traveller is waylaid on the road, a common occurrence quickly proves uncommon. Knight and Maiden, Archer and Men, all are conscripted to aid a Queen's—and ultimately a King's—ransom. For beneath winter's chill is awakening the deepest of magics, and there are those who seek the power of Robyn Hood and his Shire Wode for their own ends. . .


The Summer King has come to the Wode... yet to which oath, head or heart, shall he hold?

Once known as the Templar assassin Guy de Gisbourne, dispossessed noble Gamelyn Boundys has come to Sherwood Forest with conflicted oaths. One is of duty: demanding he tame the forest’s druidic secrets and bring them back to his Templar Masters. The other oath is of heat and heart: given to the outlaw Robyn Hood, avatar of the Horned Lord, and the Maiden Marion, embodiment of the Lady Huntress. The three of them—Summerlord, Winter King, and Maiden of the Spring—are bound by yet another promise, that of fate: to wield the covenant of the Shire Wode and the power of the Ceugant, the magical trine of all worlds. In this last, also, is Gamelyn conflicted; spectres of sacrifice and death haunt him.

Uneasy oaths begin a collision course when not only Gamelyn, but Robyn and Marion are summoned to the siege of Nottingham by the Queen. Her promise is that Gamelyn will regain his family’s honour of Tickhill, and the outlaws of the Shire Wode will have a royal pardon.

But King Richard has returned to England, and the price of his mercy might well be more than any of them can afford...

This darkly magical series based on the legends of Robin Hood brings a unique perspective to a rich legacy of myth, magic and ancient ballads.

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